Human Resources Policy

As a strategic partner of the Management Board, the Human Resources department of DenizBank AG implements corporate policy and communicates the corporate culture to each individual employee.

DenizBank AG consistently implements the principle of "looking for the right person for the right job" and is proud of being able to offer promising careers not only to young people but also to experienced professionals, paying a special attention to talents within the organization.

Constant training programs offered through e-learning and external and internal trainers enable DenizBank AG access to each individual employee. In addition, employees receive legally required training on security, data protection, compliance and money laundering. This not only improves the standard of technical and professional knowledge, but also the long-term satisfaction of employees in their professional field. This reflects the high quality of work and performance of the employees, which lead to the success of our bank.

The high number of direct applications shows that DenizBank AG has positioned itself as one of the most attractive employers with fair career opportunities