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New regulation effective from 2015: Church tax on Capital Gains

As of 1st  January 2015 the church tax on capital gains (for example, interest, dividends) will automatically be retained and paid to the tax-collecting religious communities.

In preparation for the church tax deduction, DenizBank is legally committed to check the religious affiliation of all customers with the Federal Tax Office (BZSt) once a year. The BZSt informs us about the members of a tax-raising religious community with the “Church Tax Deduction Feature (Kirchensteuerabzugsmerkmal-KISTAM).  The KISTAM provides information about the religious affiliation of the customers to a tax-raising religious community and the existing valid church tax rate.

Right of objection and Blocking Notice

If you do not want to have the church tax levied by us, please contact the tax office and contradict the transmission of your KISTAM with a blocking notice. In this case, the declaration of the blocking notice shall be submitted to the BZSt with an official form until 30 June of this year (§ 51a paragraph. 2c, 2e Income Tax Law “Einkommensteuergesetz”).

The BZSt then informs your registered tax office about your contradiction; your tax office will ask you to submit a tax return discloser.

Blocking Notice Form - Formularcenter - Sucheingabe „Kirchensteuer“ - Formular „Erklärung zum Sperrvermerk“

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