1. What Does DenizBank AG’s Internetbanking Offer Me?

    With Internetbanking, you have access to your account any time and you can conduct your financial transactions online, safely and easily at home.

    The following functions are available:

    • Electronic bank statements and receipts
    • Free domestic and EU transfers
    • Opening Daily Due Deposit and Time Deposit Accounts
    • High security with mobile TAN
    • Foreign transfers
    • Template management for recurring payments
    • Advanced search for account activities
    • Account balance queries
    • Update of contact details
  2. How Can I Apply for Internetbanking with DenizBank?

    New customers  have to register under  “Open New Account”on the DenizBank website. After successful registration and verification of your identity, the customers will receive their login information per  post.

    If you are already a DenizBank customer, please download the Internetbanking Application Form from our website and send us the signed form per post.

  3. What Are the Requirements for Internetbanking?

    • Payment- or Daily Due Deposit Account at DenizBank
    • An e-mail address
    • Internet access
    • A mobile phone number
  4. How Can I Log In to Internetbanking?

    Please use the button "Login Internetbanking" under Private” on the DenizBank website to go to  the login page of DenizBank Internetbanking. There you need to enter your customer number and your PIN. Joint account holders have to enter both, the joint account number as well as the private customer number.

  5. How Do I Receive My Log-In Details?

    New customers receive their log-in data as soon as all their documents are complete at DenizBank. For customers who have registered online, DenizBank has to wait for the confirmation of identity verification by the Deutsche Post AG.

  6. How Do I Receive My PIN?

    Your PIN will be sent via sms to the mobile phone number you have registered at DenizBank.

  7. What Do I Need to Take into Consideration at the First Log-In?

    When entering your log-in data, please use your own keyboard and make sure you pay attention to upper and lower case letters. In addition to this, when you first log in using the PIN you got from DenizBank, you need to change your PIN into a personal on

  8. Which Criteria Do I Need to Apply when I Change My PIN?

    • At least one upper case letter
    • At least one lower case letter
    • A minimum of 2 digits
    • No special characters
    • No similarities with your name, last name or customer number
  9. How Can I Order New Log-In Data?

    New log-in data can only be ordered in written form. Please use the Internetbanking Application Form under “Customer Service / Documents”. Please return the signed application form per post or visit one of our branches.

  10. Can I Request New Log-In Data via Fax?

    Only customers who have given DenizBank a fax authorization can request new log-in data via fax. All other requests have to be made in written form by post.

  11. What Is a “Own Account Transfer“?

    With an "Own Account Transfer" you can transfer your savings between your Payment Account and your Daily Due Account. This feature can be found in the Internetbanking under "Transfers“.

  12. Can I also Wire Transfer via the Function “Own Account Transfer“ to My Reference Account at a Foreign Bank?

    No, "Own Account Transfer" enables you only transactions between your  DenizBank accounts.

  13. How Can I Make Domestic or EU transfers?

    Choose the function “Transfers” in the Internetbanking. Please note that transfers are only possible from your Payment Account.

  14. Do I Have to Pay for Domestic or EU Transfers?

    DenizBank offers this service to its customers free of charge as long as the transaction is made online.

  15. Can I Also Carry Out Wire Transfers Outside the EU?

    With the “Foreign Transfers“ feature, you can also accomplish transfers outside the EU.

  16. Do I Have to Pay for International Transfers?

    Yes, international transfers are charged with a fee. The current prices for foreign transfers are listed in our List of Fees.

  17. Can I Also Carry Out Transfers from My Daily Due Deposit Account?

    You can only conduct external transfers from your Payment Account. Please transfer your deposit from your Daily Due Deposit Account to your Payment Account by using the function "Own Account Transfer“. The transfer is completed within a few minutes, so you can conduct further transfers immediately.

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