Time Deposit Account

If you would like risk-free earnings for your savings, you can open a Time Deposit Account by choosing the most convenient rate and maturity.

Your Advantages

Fixed interest rate* over the entire term
Possibility to open an unlimited number of time deposit accounts
Individual terms ranging from 3 months up to 10 years
Online account management free of charge

Overview of Terms and Conditions

3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
18 Months
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
60 Months
3.000 %
3.350 %
3.350 %
3.250 %
3.000 %
2.850 %
2.500 %
2.400 %
2.250 %
6 Years
7 Years
8 Years
9 Years
10 Years
2.200 %
2.200 %
2.000 %
2.000 %
2.000 %
*Interest rates p.a.valid only for retail customers, and valid until revoked.
Open a Time Deposit Account

How Do I Open My Account?

Apply for a Payment Account
Select a Savings Product
Secure Attractive Interest Rates!
The first step is to open a Payment Account which free of charge. This account serves as a reference account for your transactions and has an interest rate of 0.01 % p.a.

Once you have your Payment Account, you can open a Time Deposit or Daily Due Deposit Account using our Internetbanking. As soon as your money is on your Payment Account, you can access to it conveniently from home.

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