Saving with Attractive Interest Rates

Would you like to make your wishes come true or create a precautionary cushion for a safe future? Start now to save for your individual goals with Deniz-Sparplan!

Your Advantages

Saving up with amounts starting from 50 Euro per month
Individual durations from 5 to 10 years
Attractive interest rates: Fixed and profitable interest rates or variable interest rates with an additional bonus.
No fees and charges

Current Conditions

5 Years
6 Years
7 Years
8 Years
9 Years
10 Years
Fixed Interest
2.250 %
2.200 %
2.200 %
2.000 %
2.000 %
2.000 %
Variable Interest
4.250 %
4.250 %
4.250 %
4.250 %
4.250 %
4.250 %
*Interest rates p.a.valid only for retail customers, and valid until revoked.

Individual Savings

Determine your savings amount and pay either monthly, semi-annually or annually. The 7th or 20th of each month are available for you as regular payment dates. The first payment has to be made within 60 days after opening your account. This can be done either by paying cash in one of DenizBank AG-branches or by wire transfer to your payment account which is free of charge. At the end of the maturity, your deposit is at your disposal either online, by wire transfer or in one of DenizBank AG-branches.
50 Euro
1.000 Euro
300 Euro
6.000 Euro
600 Euro
12.000 Euro
Open a Deniz-Sparplan Account

How Do I Open a Deniz-Sparplan Account?

If you already have a Payment Account with DenizBank AG
If you do not have a Payment Account with DenizBank AG
Account Opening in one of DenizBank AG Branches