Money Transfer to Türkiye

With the Türkiye wire transfer service of DenizBank AG, you reach quickly over more than 650 branches of DenizBank A.Ş. in 81 Turkish provinces.
Make your wire transfer within one of our branches across Germany, or online through our Internetbanking and Mobile App, transmit your money in a fast, economic and secure way.

Wire transfer via our Internetbanking and Mobile App, take advantage of the special prices:
For Online Transfers up to 4.000 Euro, only 4 EUR wire fee is charged.
Additional expense will not be charged by DenizBank A.Ş. in Türkiye.
Transfer Amount
0,01 EUR – 4.000,00 EUR
4,00 EUR
from 4.000,01 EUR
0,15 % (max 250 EUR)

*Valid for Euro Wire Transfers for individuals with existing customer accounts to DenizBank A.Ş, valid until revoked.
Price Table
Price Table