Deposit Products

DenizBank AG Priority Banking offers you a broad range of deposit solutions in different currencies that are structured to complement and balance your investment portfolio with flexible maturities along with attractive interest rates and payment options.


DenizBank AG Priority Banking clients can meet their daily banking needs and they can realize bill and regular payments from their demand deposit account and they can access their accounts when required. 

Time Deposit

Priority Banking clients, who do not want their investments in EUR, USD and foreign currency to be influenced by the interest movements in the markets and who aim for a risk free and fixed return, can open a time deposit account by choosing the most suitable rate and term for themselves and they gain profits with reasonable interest rates.

Multiple Currency Deposit Account

Multiple Currency Deposit Account is a product which provides the opportunity of switching to different currencies during the maturity period, and the opportunity of investment for our customers who want to benefit from interest returns and exchange movements.
With Multiple Currency Deposit Account, you can switch to any currency in any amount and continue your time deposit without interest loss.
For further details about Multiple Currency Deposit Account, please contact our Priority Banking Department via Email .