Money Exchange at DenizBank

At one of our 7 DenizBank branches in Germany!

No matter whether you need foreign currency for your holiday or you want to change money into Euro, DenizBank offers you attractive exchange rates at low commission.


Please contact us, if the required currency is available in a sufficiant amount in one of our branches. You can call our Service Center 0800 4 88 66 00 or use our Contact Form for your inquiry.

Exchange Rates

Commission: 1, 50% of the exchanged amount (min. 6,00 €)

* Exchange rates updated hourly. By exchanging currency in the branch, the valid rate will be calculated on that time and accrued charges will be billed. The shown prices may therefore differ from the actual rates. No binding conditions commitment and also is not an offer for a particular business transaction.
Can I help you?
Can I help you?