Use now the Video-Identification to legitimate your data - simple, safe and convenient!
POSTIDENT by Video-Identification is a method of secure personal identification via Video-Chat by the employees of our certified partner – the Deutsche Post. In this way, online account opening takes only a few minutes.
The process provides the perfect alternative to a personal visit to one of our branches in Germany or the use of the POSTIDENT-Coupon and the associated way to a post office branch.
The POSTIDENT Verification via Video-Identification fulfills all security standards and requirements of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) as well as the data protection guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Supervisor (BfDI).

Open your account easily

In order to use the fast, convenient and secure Video-Identification, you only have to fulfill few requirements and you can use it daily from 08:00 to 18:00.

Requirements for Video-Identification:

You can perform the legitimation via your PC, tablet* or smartphone with iOS or Android operating system* and need only:
Microphone, webcam, mobile phone for smsTAN-Reception, Web RTC capable browser **
an identity card with a holographic feature (e.g., passport, ID card)

The Process

1. Step: Fill out the online account opening application form.
2. Step: After you finished the first step, click "Identify now with POSTIDENT" in order to be redirected to the POSTIDENT web portal of our certified partner - Deutsche Post.
3. Step: Please fill out the form on the POSTIDENT web portal. Then select Video-Identification in order to be directed to a Deutsche Post employee who will guide you through the Video-Identification process.
4. Step: After all data has been acquired, you will receive a smsTAN, which will be used to verify the accuracy of your data.

Data Security

The security of your data is very important to us. Therefore, your data transfer is encrypted. The banking supervisory regulations stipulate which data are collected and stored. This includes pictures of your identity card and yourself, acoustic call recording (the video is not recorded), your IP address, date and time.

If you do not want to store these data, please return to the classic POSTIDENT-Coupon identification.
* For the tablet or smartphone process, please download the POSTIDENT app via the Google Playstore or iPhone Appstore.
** We suggest the WebRTC-enabled browsers Google Chrome (version 1180 and higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 25 and later) and Opera (version 2 and above).